Skittle Socks

Ladies and gentlemen I have finished my skittle socks. See?

The Skittle Socks

Yarn: Kroy Sock Yarn, dyed by Cassie and I with Kool Aid and food colouring. In the colour of classic skittles of course: grape, strawberry, watermelon, orange, lemon, kiwi-lime and blue raspberry.

Pattern: Grumperina’s Jaywalker pattern which I modified to be toe up instead of cuff down. Not very eloquently  either I just threw in my own toe, heel and cuff.

These socks were over 2 years in the making. In my defense. somewhere between the acquiring the white sock yarn and these finished rainbow-y goodness I was distracted. I put the socks down and knit other things, a sweater, some mittens, an entire dress. The first one was exciting and between the zigzag-iness and the colour changes I will admit, I was quite amused. And then it was finished and I was most delighted. I took a picture of it and gleefully showed it to all my friends.

The lone sock

And then I stopped.

I always told myself that I was just taking a little break, that I would finish them up right away just one more project….just one more…

From then on the new sock was cast on but not worked on. Only when complete frustration at other projects had set in did I go back and knit a few more rounds. It was boring I thought, just the same two rows over and over. And besides, I reasoned, I already know what it should look like. And so the sock was abandoned. It was always there waiting. Waiting for me to decided that lace was too complicated to knit in front of the TV or that my thumb gusset shaping on the latest mitten was too aggravating. Very slowly the second sock grew until I came to the heel and realized that the orange was going to come mid-heel turning and not after like it’s mate.


Rip rip rip.

It took 5 tries before I got the colours to work out. I have no one to blame but myself seeing as I dyed the yarn and I was so very imprecise with the measuring. From there I continued knitting it much as it had before. Intermittently and at a painfully slow pace.

But soon the new year came and I had just a few dozen rounds left. There was no reason not to finish them now and so I finally completely overcame my massive case of second sock syndrome. Or at least massive second sock resentment.

Now that they are finished I see why I cast them on in the first place. Those are the brightest, happiest, spring-i-est socks I could make. I love ’em. I get a kick out of them every time I see them now.  Which is weird because for so long I always was a process knitter and this project brought out the product knitter. Perhaps a little balance is a good thing. The point is they delight me and when the temperature is stubbornly below freezing this time of year, bright wool rainbow socks are pretty much pure happiness.

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FO: Snowfall Mittens

Last week I managed to finish Jess’s mittens! I managed to squeeze a few rows between my Thursday classes and finally they were finished. I blocked them that evening and it took almost two whole days for them to dry. I have a feeling that they took longer to dry because they were sitting in my poorly-ventilated residence room all day.

Photo credit to Jess S.

Pattern: My own Snowfall Mittens design, still working on writing up the pattern but it should be done soon!

Yarn: 50g Lambs Pride Super Wash in Navy Night and 50g Lambs Pride Super Wash in White Frost both from Lettuce Knit.

Needles: 4mm metal dpns

Photo Credit to Jess S.

The pattern is fairly repetitive and once I had figured it all out on graph paper I barely had to refer to it after the first repeat. The trickiest part was actually incorporating the thumb gusset without “jarring” the pattern on the palms.

The mittens blocked really nicely thanks to the beautiful yarn. Every single time I block something it’s still a little bit magical to see all the little stitch inconsistencies and uneven bits (that I may or may not have fretted over to several unlucky people.) smooth out.

For me Fall is the ideal mitten knitting season- it seems like the perfect way to prepare for winter before the snow flies. Mittens, much like socks, are very portable which is a big plus for me. Well that’s all for right now- it is midterm season after all!

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The One Day Baby Hat

This hat combines everything I like in baby hats. It’s cute, it took less than two hours and it resembles a vegetable. 🙂
Baby Beanie

The pattern is Pauline Wall’s Tomato Baby Beanie but I can’t say I followed the top decreases very well. I kind of invented them as I went along but it worked out all right. It’s for a teacher whom I’ve never actually had but she lets me sleep on the couch of her classroom when I have migraines. This fact makes her more then worthy of hand knit baby hats. 🙂 Squash Baby Beanie

She isn’t due until March so for once I’m finished ahead of schedule. Well, I have a calculus test to study for so that’s all for now.

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