April Snowstorms

Whatever happened to April showers bring May flowers?

My street looks like this:


That is irrefutably snow. K-town got off lightly though compared to south-western Ontario that got more than 15 cm in some places.

I was not impressed and neither was Butterscotch…


I think he really misses going outside.

Anyways moving on from the dismal forecast….

Even in plain old stocking stitch it’s gorgeous and endlessly interesting. I should be throughly frustrated with how slow it’s going but it’s impossible to be mad at such perfect yarn. Gauge is about 36 rows for 10cm (that’s around 9 rows to 1 inch) and each round is approximately 180 stitches. I’m semi-blocking it as I go to get an idea of how it’s turning out. This is because my gauge swatch is a lying piece of scum. It made me work far too many stitches for this section twice. I had to rip back several thousand stitches each time after I put it on a lifeline, tried it on and discovered I had a few inches of extra material. After checking the math countless times I decided the swatch was to blame and decreased 50 stitches less then I thought it absolutely should be. I have no idea why fifty…I guess it seemed drastic enough. It also worked and now it fits nicely.

It is also impossible to photograph but sort of looks like this now. The colour in the above picture is much more accurate but here you get an idea of how big it is.


And to top it all off it is actually ahead of schedule and I seem to have more yarn then I expected seeing as there is still about 1200 yards left. Things couldn’t be going better so I’m nervously anticipating some knitterly disaster that throws the whole thing into turmoil. It may just be luring me into a false sense of security so I think it’s best to keep alert. Paranoia? I think not.

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If you knit in public occasionally people (sometimes perfect strangers) will feel the need to warn you about the dangers of knitting. Like the fact that you might poke yourself with a sharp double pointed sock needle. I’ve always thought that was kind of funny, I mean, the worse knitting injury I’ve ever sustained was the hole in my finger from trying to knit dishcloth cotton into socks on 0mm dpns. That was a dark time. I still have half a cotton sock by the way and it kind of resembles knitted armor. Anyways, the point is I’ve always kind of laughed at the idea that knitting was dangerous.

Today I’m going to have to eat my words.

I was climbing out of the back seat of a van and fell onto my friends backpack which was home to her gloves-in-progress. One of the 3.5mm needles poked through the backpack and my jeans into my shin. No big deal really. It wasn’t until I got into the house and noticed the blood on my jeans that I realize it was actually well deep. Several cm deep. Ugh.

So I did a little basic first aid (who knew such a tiny wound could bleed so much!?) and all seems to be fine. The muscle is pretty unhappy but I think it’s ok. It looks like there’s going to be a lovely bruise around it as an added bonus. The whole silly thing definitely earned its place on my top 10 list of really really stupid injuries.

So I take it back. Knitting needles are most certainly dangerous. Warn your friends. 🙂

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Beau Soir

It has been a productive few days.

Actually today started with migraines and smashing into walls but once we got over that little hurdle life (read: school) started to work out. I’ve done more calculus problems then I care to think about. Hopefully that means I’m really for the test tomorrow.

Anyways enough math. I finished the very top band of the dress and decided to do some light blocking to see if it was indeed going to be the right size. As of right now it looks like this:


It is indeed the right size and now I need to do a little bit more planning to try and figure out how to incorporate some ribbon under the bust and sort of out the waist shaping which up until now I’ve kinda been ignoring.

The title of this post comes from the song we somehow, miraculously, pulled off at the choir concert this past weekend. It was beautiful and swirly and stunningly better than it ever was in rehearsal ever. (And hardly flat!)  No one was more surprised then ourselves when it came together when it mattered (though credit should be given to our director and the AMAZING guest conductor for pulling it out of us). If you have never heard the song before I urge you to find a recording of it and have a listen. It’s absolutely fabulous. 🙂

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Day 1 and 2


1. Measured the swatch.

2. Measured self.

3. Did some basic math to determine how many stitches to cast on.

4. Cast on 119 stitches.

5. Knit two rounds of 2×2 ribbing. Was rather alarmed that it barely stretched the length of the circular needle.

6. Ripped back the two rounds of knitting.

7. Re-measured swatch. Realized that I included the border stitches in my original measurement. Which resulted the work being about 24 cm shorter then it should have been.

8. Re-did the math for the number of cast-on stitches.

9. Double checked the new math.

10. Triple checked the new math.

11. Cast on 145 stitches using my favorite long-tail cast on.

12. Ran out of yarn for long tail cast on about stitch 120.

13. Ripped back cast on.

14. Cast on again with longer tail.

15. Had just enough yarn by 2 inches.

16. Double checked that I did indeed cast on 145 stitches.

17. Rejoiced in the fact that I could count to 145 with the help of stitch markers.

18. Happily knit 4 round of 2×2 ribbing.

19. Gleefully started row one of the lace.

20 Got to the end of the round only to discover that I didn’t have the right number of stitches left over.

21. Found the mistake about 40 stitches back.

22. Tinked (very very carefully) back 40 stitches.

23. Re-knit to the end of the round. Still had an extra two stitches.

24. Re-checked the math

25 Decided that I cast on two more than I should have. Knit two together twice. Carried on.

My calculus is alright but my adding skills could clearly use some work.

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From Whim To Plan In Record Time

This started off as a whim. Like a stray passing thought while I watched mindless TV. What if…what if I knit myself a graduation dress?

And it went from whim quickly to ridiculous idea skipped over to vague possibility and all the way to sketched out plan in under 24 hours. I think that’s a new record for me. So I knit myself a little swatch….


The yarn is Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace. 100% Baby Alpaca and I’m fairly certain that the colour is Blues in the Night. I assure you that the picture does not do it justice at all colour wise. It shifts subtly between black, dark blue, forest-y green and light blue and I am in love with it.

The pattern is from this lace afghan square by Marilyn Muller. This will only be the pattern for the top of the dress, I’m still toying with a few ideas for the skirt.

As I sketched out drawings, wasted away hours that I should have been writing university entrances essays looking at lace pattern after lace pattern (it took me about 35 seconds to realize that no already written pattern was going to work. I couldn’t find a single one I thought would be both somewhat flattering and remotely possible.) The thought that I had never made anything this big or complicated may have crossed my mind once or twice. It’s true, I’ve never (successfully) knit anything that resembles lace or a dress. Do not ask me my justification for this project as I don’t really know. Though the fact that everyone thought I was crazy to try did nothing but increase my motivation. Some of my favorite initial reactions when I passed the swatch around to my knitting friend include:

“You’re out of your frickin’ mind.”

“I think you broke the sense part of your brain.” (those of you familiar with my head injuries may appreciate the humor in that one.)

and of course…

“You may want to consider a slip.”

(No? Really? Are you sure?)

Not sure what colour I’m going to put underneath it…white is out after I decided it made the colours all look like a uniform dark blue. black is too dark… maybe a grey or a steel blue… we shall have to see.

Wish me luck. This could be interesting.

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The One Day Baby Hat

This hat combines everything I like in baby hats. It’s cute, it took less than two hours and it resembles a vegetable. 🙂
Baby Beanie

The pattern is Pauline Wall’s Tomato Baby Beanie but I can’t say I followed the top decreases very well. I kind of invented them as I went along but it worked out all right. It’s for a teacher whom I’ve never actually had but she lets me sleep on the couch of her classroom when I have migraines. This fact makes her more then worthy of hand knit baby hats. 🙂 Squash Baby Beanie

She isn’t due until March so for once I’m finished ahead of schedule. Well, I have a calculus test to study for so that’s all for now.

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