Modifcation Monday: Anthro Cardigan

This is easily one of my favourite knits of the year. In the spring my LYS held a special kind of knit-along: an indie dyer knit along! It gave me a perfect excuse to continue my affection for Lichen and Lace’s single ply fingering weight (which some of you may remember was also the yarn used in my Devil’s Backbone shawl). I decided to go with the Anthro cardigan by Polish designer Hanna Maciejewska.

Anthro Cardigan knit in Lichen and Lace

The biggest reason I picked this pattern was because the waist shaping method is to place a gorgeous cable in the small of the back. No increasing and decreasing along the sides – just a cable! And what a lovely cable to boot. I love the texture, and how it played with the handpainted yarn.knit cable as waist shaping

I made a few modifications to the original pattern. The most significant being that I took the contrast colour that is supposed to be knit on the inside of the cuff and bottom band and flipped it. The main body is knit in the colourway rainy day and the contrasting colour is calm waters. I liked the look so much that I used calm waters for the button band and the collar.

I also added an inch or so to the body after the waist shaping so the bottom hem sits exactly where I’d like to. This meant I had needed even more buttons than the ten or so required.


I found the buttons at a local shop in the market, and the sweater requires fourteen of them. I really like the pearly-stormy look, matching right in with my sea/sky theme that is threaded through the sweater.

I made a mistake modification with the sleeves. They’re 3/4 instead of full length (on purpose, I swear!) and the cable detail on the cuff is altered to make it tighter than the original.


Now I did that by eliminating plain knit rows between cable rows. Which wasn’t originally my intention, but once I did it, I liked it so much that I mimicked it on the other side to match.

I was so pleased with the final product that I treated myself to some new wool-wash from Eucalan’s jasmine-oil infused Wrapture. (They didn’t even pay me to say that or anything. I just adore it.) The yarn bloomed very nicely, making the sweater very soft and easily washable. My Lichen and Lace obsession continues! I’m sure this won’t be the last project with it.

Thanks to my lovely Mama for the pictures. Happy Knitting, friends!


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New: Ffrench Twists

Ffrench Twists is a bulky weight hat inspired by the work of natural dyer Caitlin Ffrench. The pattern is knit in the round and the texture from the twisted stitches make it nice for showcasing variegated yarns. Top it off with a floppy pom-pom and you are good to go!

Ffrench Twists

Ffrench Twists is available on Ravelry and on my pattern page for $3.00 CAD. Happy Stitching!


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Snowfall Mittens Pattern

I have written up my Snowfall Mitten pattern! It’s my first published pattern and I could not be more excited. 🙂 The pattern as a pdf can be download from my patterns page or from Ravelry here.

Snowfall Mittens

Mittens are my favourite thing to knit in the fall because they seem like the perfect way to prepare for the winter. Thereʼs nothing like having warm mittens to slip your hands in when the snow begins to fly. These mittens were inspired by that first winter snow. The braid on the cuff helps the cuff to lie flat and the two colour fair isle pattern makes them thicker than a single colour mitten.

Quick Specs:

Yarn: 2 contrasting colours of Lambs Pride Super Wash (Worsted), about 50g per colour

Needles: 4mm dpns or whatever gets you the gauge.

Other Materials: waste yarn or a stitch holder

Skills Required: Casting on, knitting in the round, increasing, decreasing, and two colour stranded knitting*

*This project is straight forward enough that it is appropriate for knitters new to working with two colours simultaneously.

These mittens were partially inspired by a pair I knit last year for Cassie, creatively titled “Cassie’s Mittens II”

Cassie's Mittens II

The picture is a bit sketchy but you get the idea. I’m contemplating writing up this pattern as well if there’s any interest. It also may depend on if I can dig up the charts I made and figure out the specifics. Hope you enjoy the pattern and if there are any questions or need of clarification please let me know. I’m new to this whole “design” thing so if  you have any constructive criticisms for my pattern writing I would love to hear it. Happy Knitting!

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