What Do You Want To Be?

I was stash diving about little while ago (it’s a small stash, relatively speaking, there isn’t much to go through…) and I came across a yarn I didn’t recognize.


Apparently Ravelry didn’t recognize it either, because it wasn’t in their yarn database. I have no recollection of buying it and there is only one hank, so I suppose it must have been a gift. There was a tag (with the price obviously torn off…).


The company is based out in PEI and, from what I can tell, doesn’t produce massive quantities of yarn. It’s certainly wool, two-ply, very bulky and far too scratchy to wear next to the skin. And for the last few weeks it’s been practically jumping out of my stash saying “knit me!”

So, my little friend, tell me: what do you want to be?


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Petit Pois Pattern


One of the best things about the Indie Designer GAL is falling in love with all kinds of new patterns from designers I hadn’t necessarily heard of before. The daily games on the forums lead to lots of fun guessing patterns and designers based on clues provided by the mods. You have to be quick to get your guess in first – but today I managed to log on at just the right time and nab one! My prize for guessing correctly was a free pattern from Katya Frankel Designs. She had so many great ones; it was difficult to choose! I finally settled on Petit Pois, because when all the winter/holiday knitting is finished this would make a great knit for spring:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 3.56.35 PM
(c) Katya Frankel

She has many other great ones – my queue is growing by leaps and bounds!

(My knitting is also going full tilt – more details on my GAL progress to come later!)

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Ravelry Gift-A-Long 2014

Getting back into knitting meant getting back into Ravelry…I’d forgotten how addicting that site is. Literally hours spent browsing projects and patterns. (Their pattern browser has gotten much more sophisticated since 2010…I’m in awe.)

…and that was before I found the Ravelry 2014 Indie Design Gift-A-long. From November 13 through to November 21st, 293 designers offer their patterns at at 25% discount, followed by a great Knit/Crochet-a-long! There are still two more days to take advantage of the pattern sale and there are some wonderful patterns out there from all over the world. 80skeins created this awesome info-graphic summarizing the event:

infographGAL2014I had to join in the fun. From their list of designers/patterns I’m planning on making:

Not all the yarn for my projects has arrived yet, but I’m hoping it will soon so I can cast on!

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Baby’s “First” Gauge Swatch

I don’t swatch.

In eight years of knitting I have made a gauge swatch exactly once despite the fact that countless times it would have been prudent to do so. I blame Rachel, frankly, because she taught me almost all of my basic knitting skills and never once did swatching come into the picture. Her blog is even titled “Swatchless”, giving you a pretty good summary of her feelings on the subject. Swatching just wasn’t how things were done.

Times are a changing now though. I’m planning on knitting a vest for my grandmother for Christmas. When I was knitting sweater was for myself I never bothered with the fit too much, because the worst case scenario was that it might look badly on me (and some of those first monstrosities, did.) But now that it has to fit someone else by a deadline – not to mention the fact that the pattern calls for bulky and I’ve got super bulky lined up for it – swatching is starting to look like a good pretty idea. So here it is:


11 rows = 2 inches, exactly as the pattern says, but strangely enough 8 stitches = 2.5 inches. Interesting. Some adjustments will have to be made.

The yarn is Patons Misty in Purple Fog. My mother spotted at KnitTraders and pointed out that it would be perfect for this project. Despite my synthetic snobbery, washability is critical since hand-washing it is not possible for Gram. She also doesn’t care much for 100% wool, even if it’s not going to sit against her skin, so that left me with some sort of synthetic yarn. She does, however, adore mohair and the colour purple. I couldn’t really argue with this yarn:


48 % Acrylic, 32% Nylon, 10% Wool and 10% Mohair. I’m undecided on if I like it or not yet, but I know that she will love it, so I have seven skeins of it now.

The swatch doesn’t seem to have changed much post-washing (to the surprise of absolutely no one) so after a little math, I’m ready to cast on. Wish me luck!

The pattern name is called “Sequoia” so I’ve nicknamed the project Gram’s “Dawyck Purple Vest” after the beech tree, because they are a little more native here in Ontario than a Sequoia tree.

Four Seasons Garden
Photo Source: Four Seasons Garden
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