Rip rip “fix” rip again

Sometimes you think a mistake doesn’t bother you…until eight rows later when it really really starts to bother you. That was the case in my current lace cardigan which I’m testing. There was a YO several rows back that just wasn’t right and seems to be stretching out larger and larger by the row.

Having already gone through and bound off the sleeves, ripping the whole thing back wasn’t really what I wanted to do if I could avoid it. It was very visible (to me) right on the front panel. It’s such a nice lace pattern all the way down and this eye sore was going to bother me for eternity. Time to fix it.

I thought I could be clever. I’d just drop down to the mistake, reknit it properly and knit back up to where I was. What I failed to consider was that the lace in this pattern is on both sides. WS rows are knit in a lace pattern just as RS rows are, and YO’s end up knit/purled and then knit/purled together on the flip side.

What I’m trying to say, is that dropping down to the mistake and trying to figure out how to fix it was only making it worse…and worse…and worse…

So, in the interest of my sanity, I eventually I ripped out the entire row to the edge of the front for six rows.


You end up with little loops of yarn that correspond to the RS and the WS as you go back and forth. Using these, a spare cable needle, and a considerable dose of patience, I tried to knit it back up. I failed the first time because apparently I had not ripped back far enough and apparently the mistake started SEVEN rows back, not six.

Rip rip rip.

After that it was fairly straight forward to work it back up into something that I was finally happy with, and perhaps it was good that I messed it up once because it was good practice at working with the little loops to turn them back into row of (somewhat even looking…) knitting.


Now I’m back on track, carrying on to the body portion and I have one change in mind as I keep working the pattern…lifelines. A lifeline would have made all the difference.


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