Is it a shawl? Is it a cowl? Is it a… poncho?

Whatever it is, my newest pattern is now up on Ravelry!


Devil’s Backbone is now available on Ravelry as a free download until July 10th. This one skein project was originally conceived back in December as a way to show off the subtle colour shifts in Lichen and Lace’s “lichen” colour way. I love the shifting yellow/greens and wanted to make something lace-ish that appeared complicated, but was actually a fairly straight forward knit. After a lot of false starts and bouts of perfectionism, I had a growing zig zag pattern that could be knit for long periods without consulting the pattern.

Not that, as a pattern designer, I recommend FORGETTING about the pattern. Even if I’m guilty of that a fair bit myself…

This was the first project to make me fall in love with Lichen and Lace, and single ply merino in particular. It’s so soft! And it blossoms so nicely after washing. I’d go on to make a whole sweater out of it after this (if you follow me on instagram…hint hint…pictures of it are already up!)

But back to this pattern – who’s name I should add is inspired by the PLANT devil’s backbone, not any…skeletal demon thing. Though that would be cool! Maybe as a hallowe’en shawl! Oooooh, I better get my notebook…

I’m off track again. Here, think fast, picture!


I owe a debt of gratitude to Julia for the pictures, and for spending an afternoon in a SUPER WINDY (and garbage strewn) park to get these shots. Thanks darling! We had lots of fun, but as you can tell from my hair in this shot…WINDY.

(When it’s windy I recommend a light shawl. Such as this one. See that, subtle.)

I played serious yarn chicken with this one, so the pattern does have a few early exits if you find yourself running low on yarn. Or get two skeins of fingering weight and make it extra huge, the pattern is in your hands now. Have fun!


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