Santa Claus Parade with the Bnad!

Last Sunday was the 2009 Toronto Santa Claus Parade. This post comes a little late as a result of some sickness but now I have more photos of my adventure to compensate! For those of you that don’t know the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad (LGMB) is a student run group that promotes Skule (U of T engineering school) spirit. It has a open member policy which means every U of T engineer can (and is) a member. No talent is required (nor greatly encouraged either.) The LGMB was invited to play in the Parade this year so we gathered Sunday morning in the basement of SF to …. “practice” This was made necessary because mostly the band plays/sings engineering songs which are rarely child appropriate. We needed to learn some new holiday material.

First however we needed coffee!

Nicole C. with her morning muffin and coffee.

In the basement of SF we donned our jerseys and practiced our holiday tunes.

"Hey! This year the band can actually play music...?"

After our rehearsal we took the subway (politely) by storm and headed down to the intersection of Bloor St. W and Christie St.

Receiving our instructions from a parade coordinator. "It says I need to talk to Kevin or anyone sober."

While we were waiting to be put in line the band amused themselves. Nicole and I practiced our flag waving…

Nicole^2 with their flags.

The band also took some time to practice…

And also to play!

We played the "everyone dive toward the middle at once and it will spin faster" game.

And we got to be on TV:

Our leedur Kevin explaining the bnad to reporters.

Also we took many many group photos:

The whole group together.

All this before the Parade even started. Next we were placed into a big line with all the other marching bands. We stuck out a little….

See the difference?

After all our waiting we were finally off on our way!

Proudly leading the way.

We marched down Bloor to Avenue and then through Queens Park blasting our version of Jingle Bells, Good King Wenceslas and Jolly Old St. Nick. We also threw in some Sesame Street and a song about a rubber ducky which the crowds seemed to like. We walked down University to Dundas and then east to Yonge St. All the while playing, singing, dancing, hopping and generally being ridiculous.

We gave out stickers to kids as we went:

And there were some adorable moments…

Just too cute.

It was a blast and so cool to see the smiles on faces of the kids- and the parents! I went home completely exhausted but it was so very very worth it. Thank you LGMB!!

Bnad go home.

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