Tale of a Scarf

So a few months ago I stumbled across Laura Chau’s Dipped Infinity Scarf and was immediately totally smitten. It jumped to the top of my Ravelry queue and I started poking around Knitpicks for possible colour combination’s in my lunch break (and when I should have been writing code for my programing class. I know, I’m devestatingly cool.)

I picked their fingering weight Palette yarn and asked my engineering buddies to help me choose the colours that would blend nicely together. With some many colour options the choice was pretty daunting. After much convincing Nicole C. finally gave up on insisting that it should be pink. I concede that it would be gorgeous in pink and I would never ever ever ever ever ever wear it.

At 1.99 a ball I was able to buy the 8 different colours called for and not break my itsy-bits yarn budget. In order they were: Asphalt Heather, Eggplant, Blue Note Heather, Whirlpool, Tidepool Heather, Celadon Heather, Custard and White.

4 1/2 colours in and it looks like this:

Just over 1/2 way finished!

I still love it. The pattern is simple enough that I don’t even have to look at my hands anymore but the colour changes keep it very exciting. The pattern is worked holding two different coloured strands of fingering weight yarn so each colour overlaps with it’s neighbours to create the ombre effect.

I love the diagonal scallop stitch/ stockinette stitch pattern with the yarn held double.

A close-up of the stitch pattern.

I’m on the greens now which means that I’m over half way finished! It’s going much more quickly now that exams are finished. In no time I’ll have a nice thick wool scarf, just in time for sunny 25 degree C weather… oh well 🙂

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