Day 1 and 2


1. Measured the swatch.

2. Measured self.

3. Did some basic math to determine how many stitches to cast on.

4. Cast on 119 stitches.

5. Knit two rounds of 2×2 ribbing. Was rather alarmed that it barely stretched the length of the circular needle.

6. Ripped back the two rounds of knitting.

7. Re-measured swatch. Realized that I included the border stitches in my original measurement. Which resulted the work being about 24 cm shorter then it should have been.

8. Re-did the math for the number of cast-on stitches.

9. Double checked the new math.

10. Triple checked the new math.

11. Cast on 145 stitches using my favorite long-tail cast on.

12. Ran out of yarn for long tail cast on about stitch 120.

13. Ripped back cast on.

14. Cast on again with longer tail.

15. Had just enough yarn by 2 inches.

16. Double checked that I did indeed cast on 145 stitches.

17. Rejoiced in the fact that I could count to 145 with the help of stitch markers.

18. Happily knit 4 round of 2×2 ribbing.

19. Gleefully started row one of the lace.

20 Got to the end of the round only to discover that I didn’t have the right number of stitches left over.

21. Found the mistake about 40 stitches back.

22. Tinked (very very carefully) back 40 stitches.

23. Re-knit to the end of the round. Still had an extra two stitches.

24. Re-checked the math

25 Decided that I cast on two more than I should have. Knit two together twice. Carried on.

My calculus is alright but my adding skills could clearly use some work.

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