Accidental Hat Design

I pulled some unfinished projects out of my knitting basket, thinking I could either rip back the yarn and make something new or maybe finish up something old. I came across a half knit cabled hat – two strands of worsted weight held double. I couldn’t find any record of it in my Ravelry…odd…

Turns out, after much sleuthing, I seem to have invented it. It’s simple enough, cast on 80 stitches, 2×2 ribbing, a few cables that I know I’m familiar with (I finally placed them. They’re the same two from the nakiska headband from knitty that I’d knit years previous).

Happily, I added to the cables and because it’s so bulky it knits up very quickly. Then I was faced with the conundrum of decreasing in a way that made sense…which in turn lead to some rather accidental late-night pattern design….

When I turn to pen and paper to work something out, that’s when you know it’s serious business.

Eventually I figured out a way to decrease so it looks like all the cables converge in nicely on each other.

This blurry photo, brought to you by my mother who has not yet mastered the phone camera…but you get the idea.

Post blocking, it’s looking a LOT better and is toasty warm. It’s been affectionately nicknamed “Cassie’s Cap” seeing as she will be the eventual recipient. It’s getting cold on the East Coast and this is just the thing to keep her ears covered as she darts between classes. Plus she’s always looked much more becoming in pink than I. 😉

Cassie’s Cap, with the brim rolled up. I always forget how much more stitch definition (and stretch!) wool gets after a little cold water.

The pattern is already written up, and should be posted as soon as I get some more professional looking pictures to go along with it.

I wonder what else is lying around my knitting basket….


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