What is it exactly…?

I’ve been looking for easy patterns that I can make fairly quickly and that won’t be ruined (or overwhelmingly frustrating) by my hand tremors or the odd bit of involuntary arm jerking. The solution seems to be (a) large needles, (b) bulky yarn and (c) very simple patterns, because if I drop stitches sometimes they might be gone forever. I found one that bowled me over with it’s simplicity. One of those: that is so simple it’s brilliant moments. I had friends guess what it was as I was making as I went, much to my amusement.

A scarf? A bib?

It grew bigger…

…and the guesses became outlandish. A ski mask? Ear muffs? A shawl?

And then all of a sudden it was finished. Ta-DA!

It is a rectangle.

Garter stitch. I-cord edging. 16 inches in length. Kind of wonky lookin’ At this point still nobody could figure out what it was. Also where I changed balls of yarn is rather noticeable…

Okay, what if I fold it in half?

So it’s like some kind of headband or something…

And starting sewing it up…

Pictured above: “Sewing”


Sewn. Okay so it’s the lamest headband in existence. Congradulations…wait…wait a second.

Now the actual fun part: PULL!

“Cinching” according to the pattern, or as I like to call it: “bad sewing be gone”

Then you wrap the yarn around.

I actually needed extra yarn for this. And bonus – no weaving in ends!

Now it’s a headband. And a kind of cute one at that.

Modelled by Pia – thanks Pia!

Apparently it can also be worn as a collar, but I like it much better as a headband.

Yarn: 100% wool, Patons worsted weight, about 100 yards…give or take.

Pattern: It’s a Cinch Headwrap and Collar by Elisa McLaughlin, available on Ravelry.

I only modified the pattern by adding the i-cord edging, which adds three extra stitches on each side. To do this: slip the first stitch of every round and then on every odd round purl the last three stitches. Easy as pumpkin pie.

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