A Return to Double Pointed Needles

Every week there is a little raffle at my choir rehearsal (a means of completely un-surreptitiously raising more money for ourselves) and next week is my turn to provide the item to be raffled. Being low on funds and heavy on time, I thought I’d knit up something to offer. I settled on fingerless gloves. It is getting cold, and if someone doesn’t like them for themselves, well Christmas is just around the corner. I decided to take the easiest route I could and go with the most popular fingerless glove pattern on Ravelry: Fetching.

This was perhaps a little too daring. I haven’t been using double pointed needles since my hand tremors started, let alone any needles smaller than six mm and these require 4 mm’s. But I cast on anyways and started to knit.

Those cables at the bottom? Hell. On. Earth. Though I confess a proper cable needle may have helped some.

The yarn is an acrylic/wool blend, which is not usually my favourite to work with, but it was soft, washable and a nice colour, (and who am I kidding, it was also on sale) so I decided to try it. So far I heartily approve. I’ve dropped many many stitches with this and it seems to hold itself together decently while I fumble to pick them up.

This is a pattern that is knitting up quick once I got past the finicky first three cables, which is probably why I haven’t thrown in the towel yet. That, and without them I’d have to make something else for the raffle.

And when I say it’s knitting up quick…I mean like…really quick:

Elapse time: twenty odd minutes.

The bottom is rolling pretty badly, but that may be fixed with some blocking. I’m not sure how well 70% acrylic, 30 % wool blocks exactly, but we will find out soon enough.

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