Beau Soir

It has been a productive few days.

Actually today started with migraines and smashing into walls but once we got over that little hurdle life (read: school) started to work out. I’ve done more calculus problems then I care to think about. Hopefully that means I’m really for the test tomorrow.

Anyways enough math. I finished the very top band of the dress and decided to do some light blocking to see if it was indeed going to be the right size. As of right now it looks like this:


It is indeed the right size and now I need to do a little bit more planning to try and figure out how to incorporate some ribbon under the bust and sort of out the waist shaping which up until now I’ve kinda been ignoring.

The title of this post comes from the song we somehow, miraculously, pulled off at the choir concert this past weekend. It was beautiful and swirly and stunningly better than it ever was in rehearsal ever. (And hardly flat!)  No one was more surprised then ourselves when it came together when it mattered (though credit should be given to our director and the AMAZING guest conductor for pulling it out of us). If you have never heard the song before I urge you to find a recording of it and have a listen. It’s absolutely fabulous. 🙂

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