Picnic at Presqui’l

This is not a very knitting heavy post so if your coming here for the knitting (or to see if I’m freaking out over making my grad dress yet) I’m sorry to disappoint you and you might want to skip this one.

This past Sunday my mother we decided to have a family picnic and bird watching expedition. Our destination was Presqui’l Park which was hosting a water fowl ‘festival’ this weekend for anyone who wanted to come and see the birds in that area of Lake Ontario. I packed my sock project for the car ride. Somehow I didn’t think the dress would enjoy being bounced around in the car or hauled around the muddy, snowy wilderness. Many volunteers organized this event donating their time, scopes (like binoculars but way cooler) and expertise to help the public get a good look at the birds and to tell us what we were looking at.


Without binoculars this is sort of what watching birds looks like. They’re those little black specks in the water. What you don’t see them? Me neither 🙂  With the help of scopes and binoculars we saw ducks of all sorts from common wood ducks to goldeneyes.  I discovered the existence of bufflehead ducks which in my opinion are very very cool creatures. (Besides, who doesn’t love something called a bufflehead?) They are very energetic and delight in whizzing around showing each other up. What else….oh yes there were mute swans to…


Mute swans, I am told, are not native to the area which apparently is why most people I spoke to did not really like them much. Nevertheless I have some respect for any animal that swims so nonchalantly around a semi-frozen lake.  One attempted to land on a patch of floating ice and got quite stuck. It managed to break its way through to open water by bouncing and breaking a path for itself and then it swam away as if it couldn’t have cared less.


Mums scooter did surprisingly well on the slippery ice-covered trails (far better then say…I did)  so we walked through the paths that were open to visitors for a while. The boardwalk was being rebuild so we couldn’t go all the way but we got a decent walk (or ride) in nonetheless.

We decided to take the long scenic route home to which I had no objection because it let me work on my sock for a little while longer whilst pretending to look out the window and be interested in fields, factories and really old  houses. Not that I have anything against fields, factories or houses but driving by them at 80km/h is not generally my cup of tea. We made it to the 4 o clock ferry on time but the line-up was too long and we couldn’t get on. Mum was smart and pulled out a magazine and I just kept knitting around and around on my sock. The rest of my family paced, grumbled, attempted to play video games on a Gameboy with no battery (I’m going to add that one to my list of why I love knitting. Knitting does not run out of batteries at inopportune times. Runs out of yarn maybe, but not batteries.) We were first in line to catch the next one (as we had not moved) so after that it was fairly straight forward getting home.

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