FO: Fetching Gloves

The aggressive blocking seems to have worked!

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 6.23.27 PM
Pictured above: The result after twenty-four hours of aggressive squishing.

The gloves seem be relatively well behaved, curling at the bottom only very slightly. They’ve been taken out and about (by which I mean to the coffee shop. They went to the coffee shop.) and still hold their shape quite nicely.

Modelled by Pia – thanks Pia!

The bottom still curls up a bit, which is likely a result of my cast-on/knitting a round before joining. Next time I’ll be sure to do a cast on that naturally lies flatter.

Time to update the project page…

In the end the pattern won me over. They are fetching, and I probably will knit them again as these ones are to be raffled off. Notes for next time: flatter cast on and add a thumb gusset for better fit.

Final Specs:

Pattern: Fetching by Cheryl Niamath (Knitty Summer 2007)

Yarn: Approximately 100 meters of King Cole Fashion Aran in 368 Purple.

Needles: 4mm dpns

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