Welcome to my little knitting blog.

I’ve been contemplating blogging for some time and finally I decided I had more then enough reason to give it a try. So without further ado we have some Reasons Why Nicole Should Write a Knitting Blog.

1. I knit. A lot. This is likely a good start.

2. My family is very sick of hearing about my knitting. They are not impressed with my sock heel-turning capabilities and have suggested I share my exuberance with someone else. Now that someone is you instead of them.

3. I need to write something other than short stories, when my attention span is too short for short stories. Basically I am about as attentive as a five-year-old who just consumed an espresso when it comes to writing. Hopefully blogging will be a more workable medium then the novels.

4. Cassie will like it. You may not know who Cassie is, but I assure you she is a fabulous knitting friend of mine whom I’m sure will find this amusing.

5. Hopefully by writing out my knitting plans before executing them might give me a little time to assess them and realize BEFORE I cast on that I’m going to encounter some knitterly disaster. And when said disasters inevitably come anyways at least I will be able to provide some knitting comic relief and a chorus of “I told you so’s”

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  1. You never told me that you have a blog!! I love it. New time-“spender” acivity. I adore you and miss you tonnes, dear.

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