From Whim To Plan In Record Time

This started off as a whim. Like a stray passing thought while I watched mindless TV. What if…what if I knit myself a graduation dress?

And it went from whim quickly to ridiculous idea skipped over to vague possibility and all the way to sketched out plan in under 24 hours. I think that’s a new record for me. So I knit myself a little swatch….


The yarn is Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace. 100% Baby Alpaca and I’m fairly certain that the colour is Blues in the Night. I assure you that the picture does not do it justice at all colour wise. It shifts subtly between black, dark blue, forest-y green and light blue and I am in love with it.

The pattern is from this lace afghan square by Marilyn Muller. This will only be the pattern for the top of the dress, I’m still toying with a few ideas for the skirt.

As I sketched out drawings, wasted away hours that I should have been writing university entrances essays looking at lace pattern after lace pattern (it took me about 35 seconds to realize that no already written pattern was going to work. I couldn’t find a single one I thought would be both somewhat flattering and remotely possible.) The thought that I had never made anything this big or complicated may have crossed my mind once or twice. It’s true, I’ve never (successfully) knit anything that resembles lace or a dress. Do not ask me my justification for this project as I don’t really know. Though the fact that everyone thought I was crazy to try did nothing but increase my motivation. Some of my favorite initial reactions when I passed the swatch around to my knitting friend include:

“You’re out of your frickin’ mind.”

“I think you broke the sense part of your brain.” (those of you familiar with my head injuries may appreciate the humor in that one.)

and of course…

“You may want to consider a slip.”

(No? Really? Are you sure?)

Not sure what colour I’m going to put underneath it…white is out after I decided it made the colours all look like a uniform dark blue. black is too dark… maybe a grey or a steel blue… we shall have to see.

Wish me luck. This could be interesting.

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