Crossed Cables

Occasionally when you’re knitting something fairly simple and straight forward – TV knitting, where you can cable and follow the plot of Battlestar Galactica at the same time…it takes a little while to realize that something has gone wrong. Especially when every time you look down, things seem perfectly fine…


Notice anything? I didn’t. How about now…


There it is. The top left cable is crossed incorrectly, so it “disappears” and the purled stitches stick out. Whoops.

Now, I could rip back all seven rows and knit the row correctly, but undoing seven and a half rows of a garment where each row is over 150 stitches? That is painful just to contemplate. Instead I deliberately dropped the eight stitches involved in the mix up and decided to fix each one individually. I left the right leaning cabled alone, because there was nothing wrong with it, so eight dropped stitches became six, became four at the bottom. Once all ripped up, it looked like this:


Then, carefully, and making good use of all three cable needles I bought last week, I knit up one row at a time. Here it is after recrossing the cable correctly:


And all finished:


To me, the very left cable (which was never the problem to begin with…) looks a little wonky because the stitches stretched slightly upon re-knitting, but you can only tell upon very close inspection and I think the blocking will eliminate this problem entirely as it will make the whole piece lie slightly flatter. I was worried about this yarn not giving enough stitch definition, but here it really works in my favour, hiding my mistakes.

So far, in three repeats of the cable pattern (16 rows) I’ve had to do this cable fixing routine twice. Any bets on how many times I’ll end up doing it before the seven repeats are over?

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