Exponential Vest Growth

I had a couple of headache filled days this week. The kind when my head hurts so much that I don’t remember things and everything is a blurry mess. My family/boyfriend have been taking care of me on such days, and when asked about what I done the day before my Dad said this:

“Well, you sat on that couch and knit.”

Okay, anything else?

“I convinced you to eat a bagel at one point.”


Which explains how in one hazy day-and-a-half my vest went from this:


To this:


Without my noticing.

Fun fact: I can do a three needle bind off in a state of semi-consciousness. I have (apparently) picked up all the stitches up the front, and have started on the ribbing for the shawl collar.


I haven’t decided yet on how the vest should close, and if it’s going to be a button that button hole needs to be accounted for soon. I don’t think a button is the best idea with Gram’s arthritis. Some sort of toggle closure might be better. I think I’ll finish the ribbing, bind off, and then ask her before really deciding how to fasten it. Toggle closure(s) could easily be added after the fact, and once she’s tried it on, the best placement for them can be determined. Or it could simply be worn open, as I have a feeling she’s going to do most often anyways…

There is only one snag in my plan…it appears I am actually very allergic to this yarn. What started off as itchy hands, migrated to full blow itchy, sneezing, throat scratchy allergic. It must be the mohair, which is strange because I’ve used Gram’s mohair blankets for years without issue. But, as my mother pointed out, those blankets are about 70 years old plus, so maybe it’s not the same. I’m in too far to quit now, but I’m going to knit something ELSE for a little while…

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