One Skein Down

131 yards (or one skein) in and it’s starting to look like….well the bottom of a vest I suppose. I’m following the 42″ instructions, which should make for a 46″ inch bust according to my trusty gauge swatch. It’s mostly plain stockinette stitch, but the cable panel at the back is keeping things interesting without being too challenging.


So far I’ve gotten through 10 rows of ribbing and then one repeat of the cable pattern. I was worried before starting that this yarn wouldn’t give enough stitch definition to show the cables well, but it seems my fears were misplaced – the cables are looking good so far:

IMG_20141108_112447I’m really enjoying working with this yarn, despite the fact that after a few rounds my hands start to get mildly itchy, probably due to the yarn having mohair in it. I’m not full-blown allergic to it, but I think at this point I can’t deny that it irritates my skin. But the yarn is pretty and the pattern is working up fast so I’m going to keep knitting away.

Possibly wearing gloves if I have to.

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