All Twisted Up

I’ve never had reason to use twisted stitches before, but the Kilbourne Hat by Cassie Castillo caught my eye, and it’s seems like a great way to learn them. The only draw back was that the hat featured in the photograph didn’t completely cover the ears. I knew that the recipient (because like everything I’m knitting, this is yet another Christmas present) would absolutely need full ear coverage – maybe even double – because this is going to have to stand up in -30 C weather.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 11.55.39 AM

When interrogated about hat preference, I was told that colour wasn’t a huge issue, and that the current very-worn toque was royal blue, with a pom-pom and the brim rolled up. This sounds like potential. I could get a little creative with this hat, and a twisted stitch, negative ease hat seemed like a great way to do it.

I selected a nice steely grey, thinking the neutral colour might make up for the extra “pattern” ness of the thing. Rowan Pure Wool Superwash seems like a good solid choice and I cast on the larger size, ignoring the instructions to check gauge and to use a smaller sized needle for the ribbing portion. 3.75 mm needle? I don’t have any on hand. I’ll just knit the twisted rib very tight. It will all be fine.

Uh, probably.

So I modified it to have 22 rows of the twisted ribbing instead of the prescribed 7. Guaranteed ear coverage. However… might be a liiiiitttttlle big.


Pictured above: far too much ribbing. I may be knitting for a slightly larger head than my own, but this will definitely more than cover it. It’s not so big that it wouldn’t be fine with the brim folded over but I do fear running out of yarn…

Let’s just, um, ignore that for now…shall we? Though I did take careful note of the dye lot..

Moving on from the rather large brim… I am really enjoying the twisted cable pattern. It took me a few tries to get the hang of twisted stitches. Even though the pattern gives great instructions, I’m impatient (and wasn’t sure I was doing it correctly), so I turned to the videos by Knit Purl Hunter on Youtube which beautifully explain how to do a left and a right twist.

After one row, I was completely comfortable with the twisted stitches and they no longer slow my knitting down (much). They’re like playing a wonderful magic trick on myself…I know what’s happening, but it happens so fast I can’t see it. The pattern itself is very intuitive and interesting without being too difficult. My go to travel-knitting right now.


Now, I just need to avoid running out of yarn…

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