Gram and Her Vest

I’ve posted previously about my Dawyck Purple Vest but consider this an update on how Gram feels about it. My grandmother has become more…blunt in her old age and I don’t think she would mind me saying so. If she didn’t like it, I was probably going to hear about it. Fortunately she loves it.

She just won’t pose for photographs.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 9.37.28 PM

“Can’t you see I’m drinking, dear?”

She likes her purple, my Gram. I’m told she wears it over white tops as well and all the ladies at her retirement facility fawn over it. Basically a dream come true for the little knitter in me.

I did manage a sneaky shot from the back.


And I did finally get her to stop eating cheese and smile for me.


But really – supper is far more important than knitting photos. 🙂


A toast to my Gram – who has proven herself to be very very knit-worthy indeed!

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