and she knit and knit and knit

and knit some more

75 rows 170 stitches per row on average, there’s is some highly sophisticated waist shaping in there. and by highly sophisticated I mean I might have decreased and increased sporadically whenever I felt like it. So that give us 12 750 stitches give or take a couple hundred of straight stocking stitch.

In an effort to get this dress finished in time for my graduation I shoved all my other knitting projects into my closet so that I would not be tempted to knit them. For weeks I have knit nothing but dress.

(Okay I confess that’s not ENTIRELY true… I may have cast on the first 60 stitches of a BSJ. The next day when I realized what I’d done I ripped back the cast on and used the yarn to make stitch markers for the dress. This, in my mind, makes up for my tiny moment of weakness. Besides, it was the boring miles of stocking stitch that made me do it, did I really think that garter stitch was going to make it better??)

That one exception aside I have been working that stocking stitch for the entire month of April. No wonder I only posted once in April, everytime I took a picture of it it looked exactly the same! It would have been like this.

April 10th: as you can see I’ve gotten about halfway down the front.

April 14th: and as you can see I’m a few cm past halfway down the front

April 23rd: oh look I’ve knit a jillion more rows and it still looks like I’m halfway down the front.

ect. ect. ect. ect.

Don’t get me wrong I love stocking stitch. Not to mention it was a pleasant break after puzzling over the top lace pattern to just blissfully knit away without worrying about anything. Still, twelve thousand stitches on tiny needles with lace weight yarn? I was a little excited to move onto the skirt lace.

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