Living in Lavender

I seem to be surrounded, by my own volition, by lavender related things.

There is lavender oil in my pantry, my new strategy for dealing with nightmares and sleeplessness. (The old strategy was knocking back some lorazepam, which while still at my disposal if a panic attack really gets out of hand, is kind of overkill at this point.)


Then there’s lavender in my candles…lavender in my tea…my new favourite pen is even purple-coloured!


Heck. There’s even lavender in my body wash. (My thanks to the good people at Aveeno for knowing my needs.)


I’m very stressed out, apparently. I even need to stay calm while showering. Man, I wish that was a joke…

I didn’t notice the amount of lavender in my life creeping up (though it’s true enough that calming down and trying to stay calm has been the theme for the last two months…). It was probably inevitable then that I went to the yarn shop in search of something appropriate for my next project, and ended up walking out something along the lines of this:


Four skeins whole skeins of NBK superwash merino in total. And the colourway? Lavandula. My lavender saturation is gloriously complete. This yarn has “summer lace blouse” written all over it.


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