April Showers Bring May Flowers

Yesterday I was taken up by a need to make a knitted flower. I had the scrap yarn (Knitpicks Palette – so many little balls of fingering weight…) and some pipe cleaners from the dollar store. So I set off on a hunt through Ravelry to find a few flower patterns and Bloem was the result.

The flower part was easy enough, and I figured out on my own that a 4 stitch icord would be too narrow for my pipe cleaner, so I switched to a six stitch one and thought myself very clever. (Red flag #1 right there.) Until I got to the end and it was time to put the pipe cleaner through the icord.

I’m going to save us a lot of time here and just say it was frustrating, ridiculous, impossible, and it ended up with tears (mine) as well as a very bend out of shape person pipe cleaner. This morning, I looked at the day and realized that my project was probably doomed on account of the date (and not my poor knitterly skills) hence the crying and the utter failure. Today is the first of May. And in May, I had the good sense to knit my icord around the pipe cleaner. wpid-img_20150501_170820.jpgMuch better. Spring may come yet…

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