The First Rule of Cotton

Okay. I confess. I’m not a big cotton knitter. Usually in the summer my knitting lapses because wool is too warm to knit when it’s 25 C and I could be swimming…

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 8.59.03 AMPictured above: definitely not knitting.

But this year I’ve become enamoured with spring/summery patterns and they cannot be knit with my classic 100% worsted weight Cascade Eco Wool (even if I have several pounds of it in my stash…). So I dived into test knitting and with that came a delightful summer cardigan and an introduction to Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.


Looks pretty innocent, doesn’t it?

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece is an 80/20 cotton/wool blend and what I chose to use for my Lace Cardigan test knit. It’s nice, but I am not used to how little give cotton has. I also favour my very sharp Hiya Hiya needles above all else, which tends to split the stitches if you’re not very very careful.

First rule of cotton? Do NOT split the stitch. It will never be the same again. You can take it off and put it back on the needles properly, but it is always a little bit wonky and it drives me up the wall. If I simply used a blunter wooden needle it would probably be fine, but I am stubborn and I like my sharp pointy metal ones. So my only solution is simply: just don’t ever split the stitch.

It means I knit even slower, and the cotton is slowing me down as well because it doesn’t slide quite so easily (and apparently I’ve adapted my knitting style for yarn that slides a lot…) but I’m really enjoying the pattern, so that’s all right. Slow, for once in my life, is fine. It makes for nice, peaceful, park bench knitting…

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 5.47.49 AM

Slow and steady, doesn’t mess up the lace. That’s how the rhyme goes, doesn’t it?

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  1. I like cotton based yarns, but I’m also a fan of KintPro wooden needles…
    You’ll get used to it, I like it so far, it’s very pretty.

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