Eight days…

I finished my last high school exam today! It was my physics exam and it went very well. I managed to finish every questions in under three hours. I was at somewhat of a loss afterward, I mean, I had a whole afternoon and nothing to study! Preposterous. And perhaps a sign that school took over my life a little bit at the end there…

Faced with nothing to learn I went down to the book store to buy a book on sign language and began learning new signs. Cassie got me interested in sign language a few years ago and she taught me enough so that we could “talk” while listening backstage at choir concerts. I don’t remember much… signs for “song” and “good” and “popcorn” (I don’t know why but I never ever forgot popcorn.)

Anyhow on to what we actually care about here- the dress. The dress that I have exactly… eight days to finish knitting, blocking and sewing. Hold on EIGHT days??? What’s today? The 18th? When did that happen? What the-

Oh. Exams. Right. Nevermind.

Soooo the skirt lace is going well. I’m a little nervous because my swatch didn’t help me much and I’m kinda working blind. Flying by the seat of my pants if you will. I’m increasing as a go inbetween the panels every 4 or 6 rows.

This is what the (unblocked) skirt pattern looks like:


It’s dayflower lace originally by Barbra Walker. I’m using the dayflower scarf chart written by Cheryl Fuller and posted on her blog Jung at Heart. I didn’t include the beads but the chart is awesome.

Here’s the whole thing…


I’ve put the underdress underneath it so the lace can been seen. It’s sort of bunched up on the bottom because it’s still on the needles but you get the picture.  I’m very pleased with it and I think (cross your fingers) that it will be done in time. Wish me luck!

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