I am officially a high school graduate.


See? Proof. I made it. In four years despite the neurologists and guidance counsellors that told me I would have to do it in at least five or six or never. I took all the courses I wanted to and I made it. A very big thank you is owed to all of my friends, family and teachers who believed I could and who helped me get there thank you thank you thank you.

But enough of that. What is really awesome about graduation is this:


Yeah. Finished in time šŸ™‚ Dispite the fact that it was alpaca I didn’t fry (anymore than anyone else) in our boiling auditorium.


Start date March 1st 2009

End date June 26th 2009

800 yards of handpainted lace weight baby alpaca, one nightgown (yes the underdress is a night gown.) and some dark blue thread. (Thanks Mom for helping me sew that by the way or it would have been an utter disaster.)

I could not even hazard a guess as to how many hours of my life this took. Upwards of 65 for the knitting at least. many more for ripping back and re-knitting. Several for blocking, weaving in, pinning and sewing it. Several more for the designing and re-designing of the dress in the first place. In short, a lot. I am very pleased with it though I feel a little rattled and I have no idea what to knit now. I’ve done this and only this for so long I feel a little disoriented in the land of knitting and have no idea what project to work on next…..

Fortunately I’m off to camp tomorrow to start my job as a summer camp counsellor. I will pop back occasionally with tales of my adventures but in my absence Cassie has agreed to write some pieces to keep the blog going. More on that in the next post. Cheers everyone!

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