Look what’s fresh off the needles!

My antarktis shawl is ready for blocking!

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.00.31 AM
Modelled here in my living room by my stunning Ikea dining room chair…

It looks a little small right now, but I’m assured that this is the norm and the magic of blocking will make it large and slightly less…noodle-lookin’ (I do believe that is the technical term).

The yarn was so lovely that I improvised more of the pattern once I’d reached the last 16 border rows in order to use as much of it as possible. It ended up being a very easy pattern (I don’t know why I was so intimidated by shawls before…I became so comfortable with the rhythm of this one that I was able to knit it while simultaneously watching various Marvel movies.) Kudos to Janina Kallio for such a well designed and interesting pattern. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finally blocked and dried.

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FO: Jane Barathea Mitts

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted about these fingerless gloves! They spent a while waiting for me to get out of the hospital, then the blocking/drying/mailing process took considerable time, too (for no particular reason), but they’ve finally arrived at their intended destination!

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 5.26.04 AM

The pattern is Jane’s Barathea Mitts by Angela Hahn from the Interweave Jane Austen Knits 2014. I really love the texture on these guys. The slip-stitch pattern makes them a little denser than usual and they’re actually worked wrong-side-out, and then reversed when you reach the lace portion. Meaning you spend most of the pattern with them looking like this:


Until, in a moment of magical knitting trickery, they get flipped inside-out! (Photo taken pre-blocking. Note: block these like your life depends on it.)


I really love the pebbled effect on the cuff from the slipped stitch pattern. The texture is supposed to be reminiscent of barathea fabric, which is a woven fabric with a twill weave.

The yarn is Knit Picks DK Superwash in Indigo Heather, which was lovely to work with and there is more red and blue hints in the yarn than the above pictures might suggest. The best representation of the colour variation is probably shown in this picture I took on Instagram:

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 4.58.13 AM

I added an additional 20 or so rounds before starting the lace portion for extra length because it looked like they were going to come out too short. Seems to have been the right call! Each glove was just under 50 g even with the extra pattern repeats. They are by far my favourite fingerless gloves that I’ve ever knit, (Nicole, they’re the only fingerless gloves you’ve ever– shhhhhhhh) and I would definitely recommend the pattern to anyone looking for a little Regency era style that’s still wearable today.

Or for any Austen fans with cold hands. 🙂

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Tale of a Toddler Sweater

My parents are a great number of wonderful things. They’re kind, caring, and funny people (at least, they seem to think they’re funny…) They make excellent food, wine and company. They both have great ideas, debates, and life perspectives.

But darn it, if they don’t make dreadful delivery people. (Hi, Mom! *waves*)

I went to visit my parents recently, only to discover that the (somewhat late Christmas) sweater for Jack, the very same sweater we’d sewn buttons on over a month was still sitting in the back seat of the van. Waiting. Patiently, in it’s little plastic bag. That kid is not getting any smaller, so I decided to take it with me, and mail it to them directly.

The pattern is a slight modification of Go Buffalo! by Terri Kruse. It’s my first “baby” sweater – though at 4T it’s seemed enormous. Of course anything would seem enormous if you elected to knit it in three coloured stripe. (WHY? I thought it would be cute. I was not wrong, but it was almost not worth it…) I was also in the hospital and had a semi-busted wrist at the time…

Picking up the button band…slowly…

It was finished while I was still in the ICU of the hospital early this year and my memory from that time is kind of fuzzy. I kind of expected it to have some ridiculous flaw I hadn’t noticed…but it’s actually turned out okay:


Once finished, I take back everything I ever said about hating the three colour stripe decision. It looks like a little Christmas elf sweater, and that was absolutely the goal. (I maintain every cuss word I ever uttered about decided to do it in acrylic yarn however. That stands.)

Now that I’m in possession of the sweater it’s being shipped off to Jack, who will hopefully not have grown out of it yet. Stay tuned…

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Gram and Her Vest

I’ve posted previously about my Dawyck Purple Vest but consider this an update on how Gram feels about it. My grandmother has become more…blunt in her old age and I don’t think she would mind me saying so. If she didn’t like it, I was probably going to hear about it. Fortunately she loves it.

She just won’t pose for photographs.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 9.37.28 PM

“Can’t you see I’m drinking, dear?”

She likes her purple, my Gram. I’m told she wears it over white tops as well and all the ladies at her retirement facility fawn over it. Basically a dream come true for the little knitter in me.

I did manage a sneaky shot from the back.


And I did finally get her to stop eating cheese and smile for me.


But really – supper is far more important than knitting photos. 🙂


A toast to my Gram – who has proven herself to be very very knit-worthy indeed!

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Post Christmas Round Up: Burberry Inspired Cowl

After my own Burberry Inspired Cowl, my mother not so subtly suggested that she would like one for Christmas. I stuck with the same yarn – Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Bulky, but a different colourway – one because I thought the blue would suit her better, and two: so we don’t get ours mixed up!

This cowl is a marvel to me, because half way through I just DON’T GET IT. It looks like a lumpy, bunched up bit of nothing. After two pattern repeats, it reminds me of a scrunched napkin and the first time I made one, I almost gave up on it at this point.


Look at that. What on earth is THAT supposed to be?!

Luckily I knit on and after four pattern repeats and a little blocking, it’s clear that this pattern is actually gorgeous. It sits so nicely, either down around the neck or bunched up to cover noses and ears depending on the weather.

Finished well in time for Christmas, gifted, and she loves it (she better, she practically gave me the specifications…)


The photos above really doesn’t do the yarn justice. This would be more accurate:


I think it’s the perfect colour for Mum, because it goes so nicely with her eyes. It’s already gotten a LOT of wear this winter – and now we sort of match!


I feel like that image needs a #AwkwardMotherDaughterSelfies….clearly we need to up our game…

Final Specs:

PatternBurberry Inspired Cowl Neck Scarf by Julianne Smith

YarnKnit Picks Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky, in Delft Heather. ~ 70 yards.

Needles: 6 mm circulars, knit flat.

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The Coldest Capital in the World…

So, I’m taking a trip to Ottawa tomorrow to visit a friend, but the weather lately is not looking so friendly…

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.04.14 PM

Yesterday, Ottawa was officially the coldest capital city in the world.  Clearly this means one thing. Serious cold, needs seriously warm mittens.

image (4)

The first time I’ve ever made thrummed mittens…and I think it’s going fairly well. I’m sort of making up the pattern and trying it on as a go along, because most (all…) of the (free) patterns I found didn’t have a thumb gusset. My hands were not made for an afterthought thumb, so I’m creating my own as I go. 

image (2)

So far the spacing of the thrums has been going pretty well for being improvised on the go. I’m writing it down in hopes of making the second one resemble the first…

image (3)

I’m going to have to knit fast if I want to have a pair by tomorrow afternoon…but the forecast is providing PLENTY of motivation. Wish me luck!


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Happy Valentine’s Day

to meeeee. I have a beautiful ball of Biscotte & Cie Vintage in red that is starting to become a shawl…

image1 (1)

We are very, very snowed in – so after a short trip to get some sheep fleece for my first pair of thrummed mittens project (thank you, Rachel!) it’s nice to curl up with some tea and some soft, simple-but-not-remotely-boring knitting.

image1Stay warm, and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



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What Do You Want To Be?

I was stash diving about little while ago (it’s a small stash, relatively speaking, there isn’t much to go through…) and I came across a yarn I didn’t recognize.


Apparently Ravelry didn’t recognize it either, because it wasn’t in their yarn database. I have no recollection of buying it and there is only one hank, so I suppose it must have been a gift. There was a tag (with the price obviously torn off…).


The company is based out in PEI and, from what I can tell, doesn’t produce massive quantities of yarn. It’s certainly wool, two-ply, very bulky and far too scratchy to wear next to the skin. And for the last few weeks it’s been practically jumping out of my stash saying “knit me!”

So, my little friend, tell me: what do you want to be?


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Post Christmas Round Up: Holland Cowl

This marks the beginning of my post-Christmas knitting posts – delayed a month or so by health issues, but never mind. Here they are!

So usually “bulky” and “lace” are not two words I like putting together in one project, but this is the exception. Knit for my boyfriend’s mother, this little neck warmer was surprisingly tricky, but once I got the stitch pattern finally understood (charts would make this pattern so much easier for me) all was well.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 11.25.12 PM

The yarn blocked much better than I expected, and lay flat with minimal use of my “piling on textbooks” technique. I added an extra 8 stitches to the round to make sure it went comfortably over her head (without mussing hair, bonus feature!). The bind off was done using size 8 mm needles to make sure there was lots of stretch in the edge. Overall I’m quite pleased with it.


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In which hospital lightening is inadequate

So, I’m currently in the hospital – but doing fine, not to worry. I’ve finished off the Christmas sweater for my cousin’s kiddo, but pictures and details are going to have to wait along with the rest of my post-Christmas round up.

My IV’s are gone, and my hands are functional again, so the first thing I did to cope with being here was knit knit knit. I picked up this magazine a few months ago after falling head of heels for some of the patterns in it.


I’ve a friend that enjoys all things Jane Austen and has a cold office, so I’ve started on a pair of fingerless gloves for her. It is truly impossible in this lighting (which makes everything a sickly green colour…) to capture what it looks like so far…but here it is.


I’ve never done a slipped stitch pattern before… it makes for a lovely texture. This is the “wrong” side of the gloves and eventually it will be flipped inside out, but I’ve a ways to go yet. I like the yarn – Knit Picks DK Swish in Indigo Heather. It’s quite pretty, and I like working with it so far.

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