If you knit in public occasionally people (sometimes perfect strangers) will feel the need to warn you about the dangers of knitting. Like the fact that you might poke yourself with a sharp double pointed sock needle. I’ve always thought that was kind of funny, I mean, the worse knitting injury I’ve ever sustained was the hole in my finger from trying to knit dishcloth cotton into socks on 0mm dpns. That was a dark time. I still have half a cotton sock by the way and it kind of resembles knitted armor. Anyways, the point is I’ve always kind of laughed at the idea that knitting was dangerous.

Today I’m going to have to eat my words.

I was climbing out of the back seat of a van and fell onto my friends backpack which was home to her gloves-in-progress. One of the 3.5mm needles poked through the backpack and my jeans into my shin. No big deal really. It wasn’t until I got into the house and noticed the blood on my jeans that I realize it was actually well deep. Several cm deep. Ugh.

So I did a little basic first aid (who knew such a tiny wound could bleed so much!?) and all seems to be fine. The muscle is pretty unhappy but I think it’s ok. It looks like there’s going to be a lovely bruise around it as an added bonus. The whole silly thing definitely earned its place on my top 10 list of really really stupid injuries.

So I take it back. Knitting needles are most certainly dangerous. Warn your friends. 🙂

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The One Day Baby Hat

This hat combines everything I like in baby hats. It’s cute, it took less than two hours and it resembles a vegetable. 🙂
Baby Beanie

The pattern is Pauline Wall’s Tomato Baby Beanie but I can’t say I followed the top decreases very well. I kind of invented them as I went along but it worked out all right. It’s for a teacher whom I’ve never actually had but she lets me sleep on the couch of her classroom when I have migraines. This fact makes her more then worthy of hand knit baby hats. 🙂 Squash Baby Beanie

She isn’t due until March so for once I’m finished ahead of schedule. Well, I have a calculus test to study for so that’s all for now.

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