The Coldest Capital in the World…

So, I’m taking a trip to Ottawa tomorrow to visit a friend, but the weather lately is not looking so friendly…

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.04.14 PM

Yesterday, Ottawa was officially the coldest capital city in the world.  Clearly this means one thing. Serious cold, needs seriously warm mittens.

image (4)

The first time I’ve ever made thrummed mittens…and I think it’s going fairly well. I’m sort of making up the pattern and trying it on as a go along, because most (all…) of the (free) patterns I found didn’t have a thumb gusset. My hands were not made for an afterthought thumb, so I’m creating my own as I go. 

image (2)

So far the spacing of the thrums has been going pretty well for being improvised on the go. I’m writing it down in hopes of making the second one resemble the first…

image (3)

I’m going to have to knit fast if I want to have a pair by tomorrow afternoon…but the forecast is providing PLENTY of motivation. Wish me luck!


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FO: Snowfall Mittens

Last week I managed to finish Jess’s mittens! I managed to squeeze a few rows between my Thursday classes and finally they were finished. I blocked them that evening and it took almost two whole days for them to dry. I have a feeling that they took longer to dry because they were sitting in my poorly-ventilated residence room all day.

Photo credit to Jess S.

Pattern: My own Snowfall Mittens design, still working on writing up the pattern but it should be done soon!

Yarn: 50g Lambs Pride Super Wash in Navy Night and 50g Lambs Pride Super Wash in White Frost both from Lettuce Knit.

Needles: 4mm metal dpns

Photo Credit to Jess S.

The pattern is fairly repetitive and once I had figured it all out on graph paper I barely had to refer to it after the first repeat. The trickiest part was actually incorporating the thumb gusset without “jarring” the pattern on the palms.

The mittens blocked really nicely thanks to the beautiful yarn. Every single time I block something it’s still a little bit magical to see all the little stitch inconsistencies and uneven bits (that I may or may not have fretted over to several unlucky people.) smooth out.

For me Fall is the ideal mitten knitting season- it seems like the perfect way to prepare for winter before the snow flies. Mittens, much like socks, are very portable which is a big plus for me. Well that’s all for right now- it is midterm season after all!

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In which everything has lost it’s rosy tint

The title of this post may lead you to think that I have taken my happy oh-look-you’re-blissful-and-free-for-the-first-time-and-isn’t-it-WONDERFUL attitude and flung it out the window. That is not entirely true. But the workload has hit my friends and it is far more than I ever imagined. Which is good because if I’d known what I was getting into back in the spring when university acceptances started coming in- well I might not be here. Out of sheer terror.

This is one of those moments in life where my insufferable stubbornness is actually really really darn useful. I’ve got this notion that I can do anything with enough hard work and determination. This notion has fail me in the past- most notably getting me sent to the hospital when my body called it quits and I have not forgotten that. I just think I’m a little smarter now. Yeah that’s right, a little more self aware.

Or at least I like to think so.

So I’ve spent the last month finding balance. How much school work do I need to do? (a. lot.) More than I have time for? (Definitely) Okay then WHAT work is important? (The stuff that’s on the midterm) And how can I study more effectively and not longer? (Practices EXAMS)  How much sleep do I REALLY need? ( a lot. no way around it.) How much caffeine can I consume? (very little) How much time can I spend singing and not on linear algebra? (There will never be a suitable response to this question.)

All that stuff.
Anyways I have knitting people. No of course I don’t have time to knit BUT thanksgiving weekends are good for something, particularly when the train ride is so bumpy that preforming matrix calculations is utterly impossible. (I know. Aw shucks.)

This is the first mitten that I designed for Jess S. upon her request in September. Pattern is my own and I will write it up whenever I get around to it. Yarn is navy and ivory 100% wool and heaven help me I can’t find the ball bands but I picked it up a couple weeks ago at Lettuce Knit. It’s fantastic to work with though.

IMG_0090I like it a lot- hopefully Jess will to. I’m praying that I can manage to make a second one that matches, I may have been a little lax at keeping track of the pattern.

And the palm side:


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